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All Rounds Kids Development with SMS Attendance e-Solution
July 18, 2016
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The world has gone innovative. Is your school innovative? Have you implemented the innovative smart schooling technology into your educational system? If not, overall kids’ development at school is at stake. Staying abreast with the latest in technology and adopting the same for holistic development of the students is almost obligatory today. Schools equipped with smart schooling technology not only stay competitive but also become preferred knowledge platforms.

What are the measures ensured for kids with smart schooling technology? Here are few of them:

  • Auto attendance in the class and school premise, enabled by RFID technology
  • E-learning in digital classrooms equipped with wi-fi technology
  • Use of pana boards, projectors, smart interfaces in digital classrooms
  • Registration, admission, fee collection online
  • Collection and maintaining of student data online
  • Energy savings via use of light sensors and automated HVAC
  • Use of CCTV cameras and other surveillance systems for safety and security in campus
  • Use of RFID technology and GPS / GPRS tracking in school buses
  • Kids tracking and monitoring in campuses and school buses for safety.

The list of possibilities of SMS Attendance e-Solution just goes on.  Make your classroom environment amazing and motivating. Focus on kids development holistically and shape smart kids with smart technology!

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